Our Team


Jason Clarke is a financial services and technology executive, director and investor with a strong record of building revenue and earnings in highly competitive markets both in Australia and internationally.

Jason has over 25 years’ experience in financial services and technology. He was responsible for identifying and leading the acquisition of Australia’s leading investment research house, Lonsec, and merging the business with SuperRatings to form Lonsec Holdings. He was the author and leader of the strategy to develop Lonsec into a full-service research, data, advisory and transactional business.

Jason has consulted to the majority of superannuation funds and to government departments and became a regular media commentator on superannuation and market performance. Jason has also presented and spoken at key Australian and International conferences on retirement savings performance, systems and strategies.

Jason has significant history in managing large scale technology projects including US stock trading apps, robo financial advice and pension administration platforms in Australia and Hong Kong

Jason is also currently a director of leading Hong Kong retirement benefits consultancy, MPF Ratings Ltd and serves as a director of Italian menswear label, Sartorial Bay.


Sameh, with over 30 years of experience in civil engineering and property development, brings a wealth of expertise to the ESG business. His commitment to sustainability is evident in his hands-on role, ensuring projects adhere to the highest environmental and social standards. Sameh’s successful track record in major property development projects demonstrates his proficiency in incorporating sustainable practices.

Beyond engineering, Sameh’s 30-year involvement in the luxury car market showcases financial acumen and strategic thinking. Managing over $30,000,000 in exotic vehicle transactions, he uniquely bridges the gap between engineering and luxury markets. This dual expertise positions him well to contribute to an ESG-focused business, where economic and environmental sustainability intersect.

Nicolas Politopoulos, Director

With over two decades of expertise in fund management, corporate finance, and global markets, Nicolas co-founded Dinimus in 2010, a mid-market direct lending fund. Instrumental in shaping Dinimus’ strategy, he led the Capital Programme and established a strong network of origination channels.

Nicolas, now a Principal at Merakii House, specializes in Private Equity and Private Credit investments with a focus on sustainability. True EV is a major position in Merakii House’s portfolio, showcasing Nicolas’s commitment to ESG principles. His prior roles at AMP Capital, Citigroup, and Bain & Company provide a robust foundation for navigating the intersection of finance and sustainability.


Stanley is our chief legal officer and heads our China operations. He is a practising solicitor in the state of New South Wales.

With 15 years in the legal industry, he is significantly experienced in advising on both inbound and outbound trade and investment opportunities between China and Australia. The scope of the transactions he has given counsel to would be measured in the billions of dollars.

He also heads the TrueEV China Operations, assisting our cross border partners, suppliers and stake holders into Australia.


Zeming Pan, a distinguished professor and senior engineer, has a rich history of leadership in prominent organisations. Formerly serving as the chairman and president of Wanjiale Co., Ltd., he played a pivotal role in guiding the company’s strategic direction. Additionally, as the former chief consultant of China Lesso Holdings Co., Ltd., Mr. Pan contributed valuable insights to the organisation’s overall consultancy.

His notable achievements extend to chairing Lesso Australia Mall, where his leadership significantly impacted the company’s operations. He also serves as the President of the Shunde Alumni Association of South China University of Technology, fostering connections and collaboration within the academic community.

With a wealth of experience and leadership roles, Mr. Pan is a respected figure in both the corporate and academic spheres, bringing valuable insights and expertise to the organisations he has been associated with.


Sheran Chalouhi boasts 25+ years advising small to medium businesses on accounting and taxation. Formerly the founder of Omni Management Group for 15 years, she specialises in guiding SMEs to establish and grow efficiently. Sheran’s expertise tackles critical business challenges, emphasising cost-effective programs for productivity, allowing owners to focus on core skills.

Her industry experience spans Financial Services, Construction, Automotive – Retail, Wholesale and Repairs, Superannuation, and Not-For-Profit sectors. Sheran, a member of the institute of Chartered Accountants (IPA) with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Law sub-major (UWS), is a Tax Agent, SMSF Auditor and sits on the board of various organisations as a trusted advisor.

Beyond corporate roles, she’s dedicated to supporting not-for-profit organizations, aligning her passion with helping business owners achieve their short and long term business and financial goals.


Anna Wakim, is a seasoned marketing professional with over 20 years of experience. Throughout her extensive career, Anna has played a pivotal role in shaping marketing and communication strategies for various automotive entities and global brands, utilising her expertise to establish trust and drive online leads. Her strategic vision in any sector has been instrumental in developing marketing plans that not only attract but also retain customers, transforming one-time transactions into enduring relationships. Whether working with major brands such as Microsoft, Virgin Velocity Rewards, Channel 10, or contributing significantly to the automotive sector, Anna Wakim is successful in implementing innovative and effective marketing strategies for any business.


With a diverse background in project management across multiple industries, Bryce brings a wealth of knowledge, moulded by an extensive history of successful business transformations. Facilitating numerous ambitious projects across different sectors, Bryce has his finger on the pulse each step of the way. A consummate professional with a desire to drive progress with maximum efficiency, Bryce excels at delivering projects on time and on budget.

Paul Young, CarQu Sales Director

With over 25 years of dedicated service in the Automotive sector, Paul boasts an unparalleled grasp of the industry’s intricacies. His expertise shines through in his adept management of high-volume retail outlets, particularly in the realm of pre-owned prestige vehicles.
Paul has built an impressive track record, showcasing his talents at renowned establishments such as Morrison Mercedes-Benz and Prestige Auto Traders, among others.
Beyond his professional achievements, Paul’s enthusiasm for sustainability and cutting-edge technology sets him apart, driving him to continuously seek innovative solutions in his field.

Peter Papoutsis, CarQu Sales Executive

Peter, a seasoned Police officer with over two decades of experience, seamlessly transitions into a managerial role, leveraging transferrable skills in communication, leadership, and decision-making. His commitment to community engagement aligns with his new responsibilities, showcasing problem-solving acumen, adaptability, and unwavering integrity. Peter’s leadership style fosters trust and collaboration, propelling groups toward shared goals. With a strong background in safeguarding and serving, he brings a distinctive viewpoint to management, ensuring success through unwavering commitment and proficiency. Additionally, Peter brings extensive experience in the automotive industry, specializing in buying and selling vehicles over the past two decades.


Kim is an experienced automotive engineer with 30+ years experience in the industry. He has worked for some of Australia’s leading brands and is experienced in all facets of Regulations (ECE – EEC – FMVSS – Australian Design Rules / NZ – Japan – Asian Pacific countries ) and Certification, from manufacturing to road Quality Audit – Recall exposures – Government liaison. His experience includes countless international import/export automotive projects.


With over 40 years in the motor industry, Srecko Lorbek, a leader in Australia’s automotive sector, transformed LORBEK LUXURY CARS into the country’s premier luxury car brand. A pioneer in embracing the present reality of electrification, he founded GET ENERGY and GET ELECTRIC to address EV infrastructure challenges, combining innovative energy generation and battery storage solutions. Srecko’s vision is summed up in the motto: “GET TOMORROW TODAY.”