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Our vision: a world where electric vehicles are universally accessible and seamlessly woven into our everyday lives.

TrueEV is a forward-thinking company dedicated to simplifying the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) for our customers. By eliminating barriers that often deter customers, we believe we can accelerate the transition to clean and eco-friendly transportation, creating a greener future for all.

How are we eliminating those barriers? Through innovation, education and collaboration. Our mission at TrueEV is to empower customers with the knowledge, tools and support they need to confidently embrace electronic vehicles and transportation. We aim to revolutionise the way people think about electric vehicles and use them, with a focus on providing comprehensive and user-friendly solutions.

We want to make electric vehicle ownership a reality for everyone. Join us on our journey to an electrified future!

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How We Help

Our Key Features and Offerings
Education and Consultation

TrueEV offers a range of comprehensive services and resources to help customers learn about the benefits of electric vehicles. Our education hub covers learning about electric vehicles themselves, the charging infrastructure, maintenance and beyond.

If you’re after more tailored advice about your EV options, why not contact one of TrueEV’s expert consultants? Our team of electric vehicle experts are available for personalised consultations. They’ll guide you on your path to finding the best EV for you, based on your needs and preferences. What about once you’ve purchased your electric vehicle? We can provide key support here too. TrueEV is also home to a vibrant community of EV enthusiasts: join our EV forums, connect through our social media channels, or even attend our local meetups. 

Online EV Marketplace

Coming soon: an intuitive online automotive marketplace.

TrueEV will soon launch a marketplace that will showcase a diverse selection of EVs from various manufacturers. Via our retail company, CarQU and our rental company, EV2Rent, customers can explore different models, compare specifications, and read user reviews.

It’s no secret we embrace the future at TrueEV – which is why CarQU and EV2Rent will also feature a virtual ‘test drive’ option, where customers can drive the EVs they are thinking of purchasing or renting via an immersive reality experience.

Trade-In and Resale Services

As part of our goal to accelerate the adoption of EVs globally, TrueEV facilitates the trade-in and resale of old electric vehicles.

Our team of experts will provide fair evaluations of your existing vehicle – which you can then apply towards your new EV purchase.

Tailored Financing and

We know that financial considerations can be a huge barrier to EV adoption for many people.

That’s why we’ve established EVFund, where we partner with financial institutions to offer competitive financing options tailored to your individual budgets. EVFund will also assist you in navigating any government incentives, tax credits and rebates available when you purchase an EV.

Comprehensive Charging Solutions

At TrueEV we aim to remove the hassle out of setting up home charging stations by offering a collection of easy-to-understand guides.

As well as installation services and compatibility checks via ClickQu. This platform allows you access to all the parts you need to successfully set up your home charging station, as well as access to a network of public charging stations. You’ll be able to check real-time information on where your closest charging station is, the availability and associated pricing.

Pulse EV is another service that falls under the TrueEV umbrella – it’s a lifeline for those unexpected battery drains. The emergency charging service is available as a one off, or on a subscription basis.

Subscription and Ownership Packages

We recognise that financing is another significant barrier when it comes to EV ownership.

That’s why we’ve developed alternatives to traditional purchase options. TrueEV’s subscriptions and ownership packages include services like regular maintenance, insurance coverage and even occasional access to other types of vehicles (such as hybrids or electric scooters). We’re supported in this by EVolve Insurance and EVolve Warranty.

At TrueEV, we’re just getting started.

The EV industry is constantly evolving, and at TrueEV, we’re evolving alongside it. We aim to be the best source of information on all aspects of sustainability and zero emissions when it comes to electric vehicles. Watch this space as we identify and introduce even more sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways for you to dive straight into the EV market.

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