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Our mission at TrueEV is to empower customers with the knowledge, tools and support they need to embrace electric vehicles.

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Your guide to a greener future

As a company, we’re dedicated to breaking down the barriers of EV ownership and accelerating the transition to clean and eco-friendly transportation. With the TrueEV group of companies, we’re inspiring customers to envision and create a greener future for us all.

Intelligently Moving Your World

Exclusive Importer, Distributor & Retailer in Australia

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Our EV car retail platform

Your Trusted EV Marketplace

Simplify and streamline the buying process. CarQu is the ultimate destination if you’re in the market for a new electric car.

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All your charging and EV accessory needs

Fast and intelligent charging equipment

Our retail arm specialises in all charging equipment for your EV. Find charging stations, charging cables and all other crucial accessories for your electric vehicle.

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Emergency EV charging

Your EV battery lifeline

Get back on the road in record time with PulseEV, a fast-acting emergency recharging service for electric vehicles. Our staff are on standby to help you recommence your journey.

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Waranties for all EVs

Safeguarding your electric journey

Experience peace of mind for every mile your drive with our specialised warranties for any electric vehicles. EV Warranty provides comprehensive warranties for scooters, cars and bikes.

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Financing for your EV

Make your EV aspirations a reality

EVolve Capital is proud to be your trusted partner in a true investment in the future. We provide credible loans and leasing options for those looking to purchase an EV.

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Insurance for all electric vehicles

Cover from bumper to battery

Everyone finds cover at EVolve Protection. No matter the EV you are looking to cover – our comprehensive plans will ensure you’re covered for everything you need.

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Electric scooters and bikes

Supercharge your commute

Ride the green waves with the range of scooters and motorbikes from EVergreen Bikes. High-quality electric scooters and bikes from China, imported to Australia for you.

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Electric jet skis

Eco-friendly marine experiences

Looking for an electronic option that will take to the water? Find a range of quality and sustainable electric jet skis at JetSkiV – the best choice when it comes to electric personal watercraft options.

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Our new car buying agency

Where Demand Meets Results

Autoseeker prides itself on being able to source cars for customers from a network of dealers Australia-wide. Our call centre staff are constantly sourcing a range of cars for our customers.

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Why EVs are the key to a greener future.

At TrueEV, we see electric vehicles not just as a technological advancement but as a pathway to a greener and more sustainable future. But how exactly can the adoption of EVs help with this? We’re glad you asked.

EVs have much lower greenhouse gas emissions than their petrol counterparts, and they are also a lot quieter – better air quality for us all and less noise pollution, too. They’re inherently more energy efficient, converting a higher percentage of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels.

Consider just these three benefits, and you can already see why we’re excited about the possibilities of electric vehicles. Now imagine applying that to a whole transportation network. Because that is what adoption of and investment in EVs can become – a catalyst to encourage the acceleration of renewable energy across different industries. Imagine whole networks of electric buses, trams and trains leading to an even cleaner, quieter urban environment.

Demand for EVs also leads to innovation in battery technology – creating longer-lasting, faster-charging batteries. Unlike fossil fuels, once batteries die, their parts can be repurposed and recycled to be used in other EVs and electrical products. By adopting EVs, you’re getting the added benefit of investing in resource recovery and recycling and creating more sustainable EVs as you go.

TrueEV, for all things EV.

We’re here to help you access everything you need to know about EVs.

At TrueEV, we are committed to building a community of like-minded individuals to share information and discussion and create real change. We pride ourselves on offering a centralised point for reliable information. If you’re reading it here, you can be assured the data comes from a reputable source and has been verified by our team. Genuine user reviews, information and news for the average consumer as well as policymakers and campaigners for change. We aim to provide up-to-date and accessible information, clearing a significant block on the path to greater EV adoption.

Join us as we move together towards an electrified future.

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